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Buy It! D102 offers tips on saving money, finding your way in the E-commerce on the web, protecting yourself on-line, and information on new products and services. Check back often for news updates, and visit our web affiliates.

Tips for safe on-line shopping

1. Send a Question
  • The experienced on-line customers told e-Mail Solutions to always send an e-mail first asking "what is your return policy?" If the e-tailer doesn't answer within 24 hours, consumers should buy somewhere else. Slow or "canned" responses are also warning signs that a site might be overloaded with orders.

    2. Look for Phone & Address
  • Consumers also suggested clicking on "Contact Us" to make sure the retailer clearly lists ways to reach the company. The consumers bought elsewhere if they couldn't find three essential facts: a phone number, an address with zip code, AND an e-mail contact to resolve a product issue.

    3. Pay by Credit Card
  • Other consumers mentioned that several credit card companies had helped them resolve problems with an e-tailer by halting payment until the customer questions were answered.

    4. Save Receipts & Packaging
  • The consumers also reminded the group to save all correspondence on the transaction in case a problem arose. Similarly, the e-customers that had the best success in returns were careful to send back the product with all packaging materials.

    5. Promptly Return Products if Problems Surface
  • Other successful consumers stressed that they closely watched the 30-day return policy. If their question hadn't been resolved within 25 days, they returned the product and wrote on the return" I am returning this because my questions were never answered."

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    For more information on safe on-line shopping, visit www.safeshopping.org.
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